Within the lush vegetation of Pelion you can stroll along the old stone-paved paths, known as "kalderimia" which along with the trails were the "old road network of Pelion”, through which the transportation of goods took place with the use of animals. The streets were built by local masons and the renowned artisans who came from Epirus. Beautiful arched bridges and large public fountains of great architectural design adorn these journeys. In the later years, the opening of a modern road network and the abandonment of the paths in the dense vegetation have resulted in their destruction.
In recent years, local authorities funded by the European Union and supported by the National Tourism Organization, restored, preserved, enhanced, marked and mapped 29 beautiful stone paved paths and trails, which have a total length of 190 km.


One of the most beautiful trails in the entire area of Pelion is the one leading from Tsagarada beach to Damouchari beach.
The trek lasts two hours and thirty minutes (one way). Then there is a stone paved path through a lush hardwood forest.
It overlooks the sea and ends in one of the most famous beaches of Magnesia.

Do not waste time.

* Kissos (540m)-Agriolefkes (1470m)-St.Georgios Nilias (600)
* Kala Nera (10m)-Pinakates (580m)-Vizitsa (480m)-Kala Nera
* Lestiani (500m)-Sourvia Monastery (704m)-Lantovitos (1012m)-Pouri (435m) - Lagonika(1295m)-Lantovitos- Sourvia Monastery-Lestiani
* St.Georgios Nilias (700)-Tsagarada (800)
* Veneto (220m) – Flamouriou Monastery (580m)

More information and detailed routes, can be found HERE