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Kala Nera - Volos - Pelion

The train of Pilion (1895 - 1971) was a dynamic element of culture and development and strongly marked the history of our place. Evaresto De Chirico, the father of the famous painter Giorgio de Chirico, using local craftsmen, designed and built between the hills and olive groves of the mountain of the Centaurs, one of the nicest railway tracks in the world, width 60 cm, a project that will always be admired for its high aesthetic, morphological harmony and the perfection of its construction. The legendary "Moutzouris" started operating recently thanks to the struggles of his "Friends" and climbs back to Pilion at 25 km / hour.

trenakiStarting from Lechonia it ascends up the hill through olive groves, passing by the traditional settlements of Upper Gatzea, Holy Trinity, St. Athanasios of Pinakates, Argireika and it ends in Milies village. The wonderful route is ideal for hiking as well. A steep path leads from the station area, which is surrounded by lush vegetation, to the square of the village. Like almost all the squares of Pilion villages it is located in the center of the village, in an area full of flowers and offers spectacular views and relaxation in its small cafes. In Milies you can visit the library which is full of unique manuscripts dating back centuries, rare books and documents from the period of the Ottoman rule and the struggles for independence by the local citizens of Pilion.
The village was the birthplace of the founding member of the “Friends of the Greek Revolution” and passionate patriot Anthimos Gazis and the pioneers of the Modern Greek Enlightenment Konstantas and Philippides. The village also hosts a folklore museum.
Route- Upper Lechonia - Milies
Every weekend and holidays (except Easter Sunday)
16/4-10/07 & 10/09 - 31/10
Daily: 16/07- 09/04
Upper Lechonia - Milies 10:00
Milies - Upper Lechonia 15:00
Adult fare (return) 18 € (10 € one way)
Tickets Children (return) 10 € (6 € one way)

Access: The station is located 12 km from Volos and it can be reached by the bus Platanidia - Volos (No. 5)


Dimitriados 186 - Mavrokordatou
Daily (Mon-Fri) 07.00-15.00
+30 24210 39723 Tel and Fax.
Volos Railway Station (OSE)
Papadiamanti - Thucydides
Tel +30 24210 24056

Close to city

Just 17 km from Volos, on the inner side of the Pagasitikos Gulf.


Each apartment has a balcony and view at the sea of Pagasitikos Gulf and the beach.


Visit the paths of Mount Pelion! Also you can do Ski and other winter sports!

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