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Kala Nera - Volos - Pelion

Thousands of visitors come from all over Greece to the famous ski resort "Agriolefkes every year, enjoying the ski facilities.
Along with skiing, you can participate in other activities such as snowboarding, mountain artillery ski and why not snowball fights.
Pelion is famous for its crystal clear seas on both the Aegean and Pagasitikos Gulf creating the ideal conditions for diving and underwater exploration.


Pelion has beautiful beaches, where you are given the opportunity to participate in many water activities and sports, including diving, water skiing, parachuting into the sea, windsurfing, sailing, jet ski and of course swimming.

Pagasitikos Gulf and the Sporades Islands are the ideal destination for an unforgettable cruise in this beautiful corner of Greece. Enjoy one day or longer cruises by sailing on turquoise waters; discover secluded beaches and beautiful spots both in Pelion and the Sporades Islands. For more information on cruises in Pelion visit the site of Elisabet Cruises.

Pelion is ideal for alternative tourism as it has beautiful landscapes, nature trails ideal for hiking and horseback riding and accessible mountains for trekking, climbing and mountaineering.

There are many beautiful areas along the coast where you can relax while fishing to catch your delicious and "fresh" evening meal. Octopuses as well as a variety of fish can be found in many fishing places in areas around Pelion.

Close to city

Just 17 km from Volos, on the inner side of the Pagasitikos Gulf.


Each apartment has a balcony and view at the sea of Pagasitikos Gulf and the beach.


Visit the paths of Mount Pelion! Also you can do Ski and other winter sports!

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