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Tsipouro is an anise flavored strong alcoholic drink which is always accompanied by exotic dishes. It is a history of flavor that starts from the beginning of the century. The ritual became a tradition. A long time ago the flavors were genuine and authentic and everyone felt that they were all members of a large company. The citizens of Volos and visitors alike continue to live and experience ... old, beautiful moments, at the Port and in the neighborhoods where Volos shares joys and sorrows, at the “tsipouradika”.


Because ...
... the “tsipouradiko” is part of the tradition of the region. It was a ritual that became a "tradition" for Volos and was loved by our guests.

Because ...
... anyone who has experienced this unique for Greece atmosphere of the “tsipouradika” in Volos with their authentic Greek cuisine, becomes a fan...
... to keep coming back again and again.

The afternoon meeting
The "tradition" was started by refugees from Asia Minor who settled in Volos after the exchange of population in 1922 and especially those who worked at sea and in port...
... Every afternoon, after work, they gathered in the small cafes near the harbor and drank tsipouro, which was served with appetizers, which were always served in small plates.
The afternoon meeting at the small cafes near the beach, along with tsipouro and the many small dishes with delicacies from the sea at the table, was a ritual that quickly became a daily habit for Volos workers ....
... As time passed the groups grew larger along with the orders.
The appetizers became more and more sophisticated, but seafood remained the dominant flavor...
... The flavor of the brine that the Aegean fish and the fish of Pagasitikos offer, crowd out all forms of meat from the table.

And the tradition continues
The “tsipouradika” of the neighborhoods or of the beach were established as the main meeting place of the residents of Volos, but they now offer pleasure throughout the day ...
... The reputation of the ouzeris of Volos quickly spread all over Greece and abroad by tourists who visit them, taste the special delicacies and become fanatic followers.
The secret of success lies in the genuine “tsipouro”, in the well - cooked appetizers and their endless variety. Above all, the success lies in the recipes, in the "magic" ingredients that cooks do not reveal, except to those who would continue the tradition ...
... That's why the “tsipouradika” of Volos are unique in Greece.

Flavor comes first
What is the specialty? First and foremost whatever the boats fish ...
... The racks, pan and saucepans are constantly filled with all the treasures of the sea.
Squid, cuttlefish, octopus, red mullet, sardines, whitebait, anchovies, mussels, shiny oysters, oysters, bubbles, pines, clams, lobster, shrimp, crab, swordfish, salmon, blackfish, bonito and anything imaginable ...
... The traditional dishes that accompany every 25ml bottle of “tsipouro”, earn the respect of even the most demanding customers ... ... Who could possibly resist the temptation to try crab, eggplant salad, shrimp salad, mussels, fried shrimp, feta with roasted tomatoes, stuffed squid, octopus in vinegar, mussels in rice, roasted potatoes or steamed mussels?

... all handmade and cooked using traditional recipes.

Close to city

Just 17 km from Volos, on the inner side of the Pagasitikos Gulf.


Each apartment has a balcony and view at the sea of Pagasitikos Gulf and the beach.


Visit the paths of Mount Pelion! Also you can do Ski and other winter sports!

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